what can we learn from the swan?


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swans are known for their gracefulness, tranquility, and protectiveness over their mate and young. but, did you know that swans are one of few animals that are monogamous and mate for life?

as a stepford courtesan, i aspire to embody the beauty, loyalty, and sensuality of the swan.  what greater joy is there than practicing the art of grace? what greater gift can we give our husbands than that of a peaceful and happy home, and the promise of loyalty? 

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mrs. stepford says…


as a bona fide submissive wife, i find it increasingly curious that many women today pride themselves on unfeminine, unladylike behaviors.  it is to be expected that everyone has “off” days, but what of these women who cannot be bothered to be respectful, polite, or charming?

what has happened in American society that caused women to pride themselves on attempting to act like men?  what happened to a woman being proud to be her husband’s center of affection and pride- and the foundation of her home life?

i ponder all of these things, yet maintain my stance, that as for me, i choose to act, live, and comport myself as a lady.  the things i do to maintain and fine-tune my womanliness and ladylike comportment are:

* having tea with friends on a weekly basis

* wearing dresses and skirts in lieu of pants

* always wearing heels

* emphasizing my beauty by wearing lovely makeup & hairstyles my husband likes

* re-reading the etiquette books of my youth (see the References page)

* listening to uplifting and positive music

* smiling and laughing often

* ALWAYS saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ for every little thing

* being gracious and charming

what do you do to exercise your ladylike-ness?




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